Volatilecycle showreel audio

I did the music and sound design for Volatilecycle’s motion graphics showreel… —One Year In Nottingham Showreel from Richard Thompson on Vimeo.

IAJ ‘Straight Lines’ remix

Here’s a remix i did for I Am Jupiter, from their upcoming EP ‘Trucks’:

Generative process

For a while now I’ve known i wanted to be able to use data to generate interesting music procedurally, or algorithmically.  Although not a new idea, i like the possibility that the control for the algorithms could come from an image- or some other realtime data, actually – and that the music would be related somehow to the data but would be a piece in it’s own right. Although there…

Otono project progress

I’ve spent an awful long time working out seemingly trivial technical points with this project so far, but now i feel like I’m reasonably fluent in using Puredata and Openframeworks, and have created a reasonably flexible development setup using oF, Pd and Logic Pro as a temporary sound source.  Although the ultimate goal is to integrate everything into a single application, having the component parts separated out like this means…

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